Tuesday, 16 March 2010

I see the silly side of things

The photo' above is of British T.V. newscaster Jon Snow as he is about to mount his motorbike. I saved it from today's (March 16th 2010) "Guardian" newspaper. Snow had just attended the funeral of veteran Labour Party M.P. Michael Foot. ( Michael Foot, a semi-hero of mine, was one of the vanishing breed of true lefties in the U.K. and in the U.K. Parliament. He died in his nineties).

Michael Foot was not silly, nor are funerals.

But the Guardian's "tag" underneath this photo' made me grin. This is exactly how it read:

"Newsreader Jon Snow leaves after the funeral on his motorbike"

leading me to wonder how one could have a funeral on a motorbike!  

It should of course have read:

"After the funeral,  newsreader Jon Snow left on his motorbike"

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