This morning's leaflet at St. Boniface on Siesta Key identified both the organ prelude and the postlude as being a "fuge" by J.S.Bach.

An "u" was missing.

The Revd. Andi (Andrea) Taylor preached a crackerjack sermon on "Being found by God".

U or I were not missed in this good preaching.

I truly like my cats, but I find it hard to be patient when Adelaide is in one of her whiny moods as she has been today.


Similarly, I find it hard to be patient when Penne has to stop every 20 yards on our walks to sniff and pee. How do canines manage to save up so much urine?


Nonetheless I do get a "charge" when Penne, Adelaide and Ada take over my bed, as they did this morning soon after I got up.

It includes beets, red and green bell peppers, marinated asparagus and sliced navel orange; together with my home made curried chicken salad (which includes celery, chopped walnuts, and halved red grapes) - served on a bed of red leaf lettuce.


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