Sunday, 7 March 2010

Imagine there's no heaven

This has been a super day. A day in which I have thought “even if there is no heaven” I will be very grateful.

I walked my dog Penne about an hour ago at 6:30 p.m. (This was our 6th walk of the day!). The air temperature was 60f – great walking weather. We did two turns around a local pond in which the sunset pink clouds and jet-plane contrails found a perfect reflection. 

The trees, many of them leafless after our recent cold snaps, were in immaculate silhouette against the western sky. There was one bright star in the west. 

Beauty was all around – some human made, and some from the evolutionary Creative Process which I call God.

Church this morning at All Angels on Longboat Key was good. I go there once a month and help out when needed, or else relax in a pew. Rector David Danner preached a superb sermon on “God as a good luck charm, or as a faithful friend”. (I have asked David to send me his sermon to publish on this blog).

In the afternoon my pal Ben and I were at the Van Wezel performance centre for an all Brahms concert with our terrific Sarasota Symphony Orchestra.

First we enjoyed Brahms’ Symphony # 3. I was entranced. I especially noted how much string music (violin, viola, cello and bass) is pizzicato (i.e. with strings plucked not bowed.) And I could smile as I realized that even the humble piccolo had an important part to play.

In the intermission we strolled out the back entrance of the Van Wezel – right on Sarasota Bay. What fun it was to see our lovely Ringling Bridge and Longboat Key across the Bay. What joy it was to see the afternoon sunlight as it danced on the wavelets.

In the second part of the concert Swiss pianist Andreas Haefliger featured as the excellent performer in Brahms’ first Piano Concerto.

I retired from work for all of this: – time to walk, time to sit in a pew and enjoy another’s sermon, time to relax at a Symphony concert.

All this I did today. I came to the conclusion that even “heaven” could not be much better than this.

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  1. Very well put . Gives me a good feeling to read your blog keep it up love Rick smith