Friday, 12 March 2010

Miserable weather and fools.

It’s been an unusual winter here in South West Florida. Since January we’ve almost constantly had temperatures below normal, and we’ve had not a few frosts.

It warmed up a bit earlier in this week, and we began to think that spring, if not summer had arrived.

Then it hit us. A stalled “weather system” over the Gulf of Mexico brought us more than 12 hours of rain. In those hours we had just under 3”. Thunder rumbled near and far. The temperature never rose about 64f, but it felt chillier than that.

Penne does not mind the rain, so we managed to get in about 4 miles of walking. Even with an umbrella I got quite wet and soggy.

By about 4:00 p.m. I was feeling downright grouchy. I went down to my Church for the Friday “Fish Fry” (10 bucks for pan fried tilapia, coleslaw, corn-bread, macaroni & cheese, with a chocolate chip cookie and soft drinks - a bargain!)

A bargain it and of itself with the added bonus of being at table with my friends: David F, Ron and Charlotte T, and Bob and Clare T.

(Bob and Ron are brothers. Bob and Clare live in Massachusetts and were here to visit with Ron and Char).

Charlotte and I confessed that we were ticked off with the weather, and then forgot about it as we tucked into dinner (aided by a glass of wine which we provided).

At home by 7:30 p.m., I reflected on the day as I took Penne for our final walk of the day.

The weather had been miserable, and my shoes, socks and trousers had been soaked through. But I have a roof over my head. I was able to take a refreshing shower. I own more than one pair of shoes. I have at least eight changes of clothing.

My reflection took me to Haitiabout to enter into its rainy season. In that land there are hundreds of thousands of God’s beloved ones who own no shoes and but one set of clothes, who have no showers, no flush toilets, no electricity, precious little food, no fine wines, and no shelter.

And here is the rub. We who have “everything” (so to speak) in the prosperous countries allow ourselves to believe that “although it must be difficult to live in places such as Haiti, the Haitians themselves are possessed with patience and grace which makes their desperation bearable”.

That’s what we have fooled ourselves into believing.It's easier than facing the truth.

Luke 12:20 addresses us directly. “But God said unto him, Thou fool, this night thy soul shall be required of thee: then whose shall those things be”

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  1. Oh yes, perspective is everything, isn't it? God forgive us our inability to sometimes see past our own backyards, let alone our own noses! (Speaking from experience.) :)