Saturday, 5 June 2010


I used to believe that the fastest animal in the world was a domestic cat when she/he heard the sound of an opening tin(can) of tuna.

I was wrong. Domestic cats run even faster when they hear the sound of a packet of cat treats (e.g. “Temptations”) being opened.  As soon as I have taken such a packet into my hands, let alone opened it, my cats Adelaide (blue collar) and Ada (red collar) race into my kitchen.

I suspect that these cat treats are the feline equivalent of the human snack called “Doritos”.  Both “Temptations” and “Doritos” are all but irresistible!   That is why I do not purchase “Doritos”.  I cannot eat a simple handful since my body craves and cries “more, more, and more”.

No Doritos for me, but I do allow some cat treats for Ada and Adelaide every afternoon at about 4:00.  I know that they are grateful!  It’s just as well that they do not crave beer or wine!

I believe that my cats are not merely grateful, but that they are also beautiful

They sleep all night on my dining room table, and are bright eyed and at the ready when they “know” that breakfast time is near.

We are very beautiful and we know it!

We are also patient

But sometimes we have to wait so long for breakfast

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