Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Out and about

As I walked with Penne this morning she pulled me towards “something” which engaged her in the shade of a tree.  It turned out that it was a snapping turtle. She appeared to be laying some eggs. First photo

Later in the day I could see the indentation she’d made, but alas sans eggs. Perhaps she did not lay any eggs, or perhaps the local crows ate them.

There is pond at Glen Oaks Manor, the neighbouring community. I walk around it at least five times each day. This “Manor” pond  is a fair bit shallower than our pond at Glen Oaks Ridge. 

Because of a great deal of condensation, and a marked lack of rain, the Glen Oaks Manor Pond is overwhelmed with algae.  The stink is not good.  I hope that there will not be a “fish-kill” in that pond due to the lack of oxygen.  If that happens, the stink will be unbearable. Second photo;

Also at Glen Oaks Manor - a company called “Verizon” is laying Fibre Optic Cables for its FIOS internet, telephone and television service.  Verizon has to negotiate a multitude of other underground utilities. These include cables for electricity and cable T.V, and pipes for water and sewage.  The existing underground installations are all marked out with brightly coloured flags.  Third and fourth photo's

I live under the flight path to and from Sarasota’s Airport.    I see and hear not a few planes as they ascend and descend each day.  I find a descending plane to be very beautiful.  The one in the photo’ is an AirTran flight arriving from Chicago at 5:45 p.m. June 2nd. Fifth photo'

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  1. Maybe I can enlighten your next walk. I currently work for an ILEC in Richmond, MA (for another month or so) and have to deal with those underground utility markings on a regular basis. Next time you see red markings - electric. Orange markings - communications (telephone, cable television). Blue marking - drinking water. Yellow markings - natural gas, oil or other flammable petro. White - proposed dig site. Just like anything else, once you know what something means you see it a bit differently.