Thursday, 10 June 2010

I posted yesterday's blog this morning. Here is today's!

Many years ago I promised my colleagues that I would become an old curmudgeon.

(That’s not the same as an old coot. Old coots are the guys who wear dress shirts, below the knee shorts, above the calf socks, (thus exposing no more than 2 inches of aged leg) and black dress shoes. They can be seen on golf courses, or at MacDonalds where the “old coot clubs” meet to discuss the same dreary stuff every morning!)

No I am developing into a fully fledged curmudgeon (of the left of course).

I’ll share a few examples over the next days:


It’s happened before and it happened yet again this morning.

I received one of those “the sky is falling, then Republic is doomed” e-mails. This was the third or fourth time that I’ve received the same e-mail. It expresses "shock, horror, disbelief” that the phrase “In God We Trust” is not to be found on the “new” U.S. “Presidential series” $1 coins.

(These coins are not so new. They have been issued since 2007.)

It’s always the same story: “I was given this coin in my change at the Post Office …..blah, blah, blah …it omits in God we trust blah blah, blah..... and this signifies the end…. blah, blah, blah”.

And it ain’t true.  See

I wanted to say (to this normally intelligent woman) “ How can you be so naïve/foolish/dumb. Didn’t it occur to you that if the story were true it would be all over the newspapers, radio, television, internet, facebook, twitter etc etc etc”

The woman who e-mailed me the story this morning is someone I care for, so I resisted the strong temptation to blast her. Instead, I referred her to the website which deals with many  urban myths.

Groans from me. I wish folks would use even the tiniest part of their mind before they forward nonsense such as this.

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