Monday, 7 June 2010

It's a dogs life

None of my friends or family members would have forecast that I would become devoted to household pets, namely two felines and a canine.

I have always been “nice” to such pets if they lived in others’ homes, but I “never-ever” considered that pets would be an important part of my life.

This has changed!

I wrote last Saturday about my cats, “Adelaide” and “Ada”. 

Now please hear me out about “Penne”, my dog.

“Penne” is cool.

When at about 6:00 a.m. each day I pull on some socks, no matter where Penne has been resting, she comes rushing into my bedroom, knowing that I am about to take her out for an early morning walk.

Also, should I say “where is baby?” she dances a canine jig, and fetches “baby” ( a stuffed toy ) knowing that this also is a signal for a walk.

Best of all, if I say “let’s go for a ride in the car”, she yips, yaps, sings and dances (truly), and cannot wait until I have opened the back passenger doors in my auto. Then she bounds into those back seats all ready for a ride.

This leads me to ask the following:

1. Is Penne very intelligent? or

2. Is Penne a people pleaser?

If you think that she is intelligent, then it is clear that she “takes after” my brother Martyn.

Should you decide that she is no more than a people pleaser then you should conclude that she “takes after” me.

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