Tuesday, 8 June 2010


My good neighbour Ed G has gone north to Vermont and New Hampshire for the month of June. Just before he left town he gave me a ticket for tonight’s concert in the Sarasota Artist Series – a ticket which he could no longer use.

The concert featured the piano duo Greg Anderson and Elizabeth Joy Roe.

As we waited for the concert to begin the two women seated on my left began to talk about “typos”. One mentioned a press release which encouraged people to “compeat”. The other woman talked about the many typos in the New York Times.

I was leafing through the programme for the evening’s concert, even as I listened in on their conversation.

Then my eyes spotted “it”, and I began to giggle. I could not resist pointing “it” out to the woman who was immediately on my left.

The scanned picture will show you what I mean by “it”. Giggle along with me!

(Hint - Read the Headline "Recital Series" and see two typos)

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