Monday, 19 July 2010

Remarkable young men ( 2)

I wrote yesterday about Mike Cachat, a parishioner in Pittsfield, who is about to be deployed to Afghanistan. He was more or less a contemporary with another Pittsfielder, about whom I now write.  His name is C. Derrick Jones.

I met C. Derrick Jones in 1984 when I moved to Pittsfield to be the Rector at St. Stephen’s Parish in that City.  His Dad and Mom (Chauncey Jones and Grace Sawyer Jones) were active members of the parish.  Derrick was then aged 14.  He was a likeable, but somewhat shy, or reserved young man. Four years he  went off to the University of Vermont, and spent his summers working with maladjusted young men in the Berkshires.  It was then that I began to admire him.

Mom and Dad eventually divorced, (these things happen).   Grace S. Jones became my Junior Warden at St. Stephen’s. She went on to have an illustrious career in higher education, and is now the President of the Three Rivers Community College in Norwich, CT.  She and I had dinner together last March when I was in Connecticut.  I adore her.
I was privileged to officiate at the marriage of Derrick’s older sister Libby Jones to Sam Gillen, and in due course to baptise their children, “Gigi” and Theo.
Theo’s baptism was in August 2006 on Cape Cod.  C. Derrick was there together with his fabulous partner Nehara Kalev.  (They are now married).
It had been many years since I’d seen Derrick, and I had never before met Nehara.  We “re-bonded” immediately.  We giggled a lot since Derrick and Nehara had been the featured artists on T.V. evangelist Robert Schuler’s “Hour of Power” show. 
Derrick and I fantasised about follow up shows.
We thought about “Hour of glower” (for two people who hated each other),
Or “Hour of Flour” (a baking show),
or “Hour of Dour”   (for Danes, Scots and Russians).
Then there was “Hour of Shower” for body purity nuts.
More importantly, Derrick and Nehara (now married) told me about their career in improv dance/ theatre.  It is so awesome. 
Please read about it at
Such are the amazing blessings of my life as a Pastor that I can rejoice in Mike Cachat, (U.S. Army), and in Derrick Jones (Performer).  Both guys inspire me.

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