Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Three women: Mosley, Parker, Hutchinson.

My recent reading has taken me to biographies of women whose names I knew, but of whose lives I knew little. 

They are Diana Mitford Mosley (2003); Dorothy Parker (1967); and Anne Hutchinson (1643).

The dates in parentheses indicate the year of death. 

As it happens those dates also indicate the way in which I think of these women - in reverse order. Thus it is that I have little respect for Diana Mitford Mosley, more respect for Dorothy Parker, and enormous respect for Anne Hutchinson.

I believe that these three women “stood against the crowd”, for good or for ill. 

At a time in history when women are once again being subjugated by the religions of terror (i.e. Fundamentalist Islam and Fundamentalist Christianity – [there is not much between them]) I believe that it is vitally important that we should learn from those women who have made a difference.

I will write more about Lady Mosley, Dorothy Parker, and Mistress Hutchinson in the coming days.

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