Sunday, 18 July 2010

Remarkable young men

As is the case with most pastors, I have met some remarkable people in various parishes.  Today I have been thinking of two of them, both from St. Stephen's, Pittsfield. (They happen to be men -  but there are also so very many women who are in my pantheon of praise)

There is Michael Cachat.  There were so  many things which were "against" Michael in his early days, but thanks to a fabulous mother, a good step-father, and his own integrity  (forged in the "school of hard knocks"), Michael Cachat is a man whom I admire greatly.

There was a story about him in the Berkshire Eagle newspaper today.  I hope that you will be able to recover it at

 If this link does not work go to  and search for the story entitled "Friends say farewell, wish safe return for National Guard sergeant

I am so scared for Mike and his family. He will soon depart for this war.

I think that the war is both endless and stupid.  I fault Bush for starting it, and Obama for continuing it. I believe that it is a war which cannot be won.

But Mike Cachat does not have the luxury of thinking as I do.  For he is a man under orders. He will obey those orders even as they take him to a place of danger and death.

So I will pray  for him every day. I will try to stay in  touch with him.  I am scared that he will die.

If you pray, please join in my daily prayers for Mike (and his family).

I will write tomorrow about another remarkable Pittsfield young man. His life has taken him in a very different  (but equally admirable)  way than that of Mike Cachat.

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