Friday, 13 August 2010

August anniversaries

August 14th 2000 was my last official day as Rector of St. Stephen’s in Pittsfield, MA.

Thus I had served in that parish for exactly 16 years, since my first day there had been August 15th in 1984.

August 15th 2000 was my first official day as Rector of St. James’s, Cambridge, MA. I was there through June 2006.

Thus I was Rector at St. James’s for just short of 6 years.

It’s hard for me to comprehend that I began in Pittsfield 26 years ago, and ended there 10 years ago.

It’s also hard to comprehend that I began in Cambridge 10 years ago, and have been retired for more than 4 years.

On August 15th 2010 I will be presiding at the Eucharist and preaching, as a “supply priest” at St. Hilary’s in Fort Myers, FL. It will be a blessing to be with a good congregation on my double anniversary date August 15th, and to have the honour of serving in the pulpit and at the Lord’s Table.

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