Tuesday, 10 August 2010


“He was the greatest genius of his time, perhaps of all time, yet he lacked the crown of greatness – that high wisdom born of reflection and introspection which knows its own powers and limitations, and never abuses them; that fine sense of proportion which holds the rights of others in the same solemn reverence which it demands for its own” (*)

 So wrote the fabulous Ida Tarbell in her biography of Napoleon Bonaparte.

I believe that Ida Tarbell  "hit the nail on the head" in her  definition of greatness.  It is also a fabulous description of wise leadership.  Would to God that our civic and religious leaders understood this.

 More about Ida in a day or two.

  (*)  From "Ida Tarbell. Portrait of a Muckraker". (Kathleen Brady, University of Pittsburgh Press 1989)

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