Thursday, 18 November 2010

Another story from Ecuador.

On my first full day in Quito (before I realised that the National Police were attempting a coup against the President) I took a cab to the base of the “Teleferico” (Cable Car). 

From that base I rode the Cable Car up “Cruz Loma” to its summit (at close to 14,000’ above sea level).

There was a trail which led even higher, so I began to walk up it.

I fell in with a young woman who was also taking the upward trail.  Her name was Olivia.  I discovered that she was originally from the Czech Republic, but now lived in Los Angeles, USA.  We enjoyed an amiable chat and we decided to ascend the trail together. 

After about 200 yards of upward trail I became very short of breath and energy.  So I bad farewell to Olivia and decided to walk back down to the Cable Car station.

As I walked down I encountered a woman named Simone who asked “do you speak English?”

I replied “I am English”.

With a sigh of relief Simone said “I am so worried about my daughter, I cannot find her”.

I countered with “is her name Olivia?”  

“Yes” said Simone.   

So, with all the bravado that I could muster I said” “Olivia is fine.  I was just chatting with her. She is climbing higher, but she is perfectly safe”.

Simone relaxed instantaneously. 

I felt either clever or smug.

I had been able to reassure Simone, on the basis of a 10 minute conversation with her daughter Olivia.

From time to time we are in the right place at the right time.

The Quito Cable Car

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