Wednesday, 17 November 2010

More benches -- and other matters

My cousin Janet (from Bristol, U.K.) will have dinner together this evening afore going to the Theatre. She visits Longboat Key every year. This means that we’ve seen each other more often in the past five years than in the fifteen which preceded them.

The musical “Bonnie and Clyde” begins at 8:00 a.m. which is my usual bedtime. So I am posting this blog very early today.

My car is in the auto-body shop. I’ve had a couple of scrapes which need repair. No other vehicle was involved in the scrapes. But you know, those metal posts (often painted yellow) which are there to prevent drivers doing damage to shop windows etc, will persist in sliding themselves against my car door.

The auto-body shop has a deal with Hertz car rentals whereby customers can rent a car for $30 per days whilst their own vehicles are being fixed. Business must have been slow for the body shop for they offered to pay half. So I have a bright red Chevy Aveo for three days. It’s got a nippy enough engine and it holds the road very well for a small car. But how I miss having an electric lock and electrically operated windows. When did they become the expected norm?

Here are pics of a few more benches. The green one is located in a neighbouring private development. It amuses me that the Housing Association there felt the need to padlock the bench to a concrete slab. 

What is even more amusing is the view on gets whilst sitting on the bench. It’s a lovely view of a wall.

The wooden and metal bench sits in my front yard. I bought for the princely sum of $50 - with “some assembly required”.

Finally - two animal pics. I’ve named one “”Friendly Felines”, and the other “Contented Canine”.

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