Friday, 12 November 2010

A "Dinner Party Movement"

As I walked out with my dog this morning I began to muse on what I might eat for lunch.

Perhaps I could make some cole-slaw and eat it with a bit of ham.  Or maybe I could defrost some of my home made lamb soup.  Of course there was also the possibility of fixing a bit of tuna salad, and enjoying it with lettuce and tomato.   Or I could choose to visit a host of local restaurants where the range of lunch items would be more than enough to enable me to make a good choice.

In the end I settled for lunch at home. I ate sardines on toast, with a garnish of tasty tomato. ‘Twas a simple and satisfying meal.

I went on to muse about the millions of Americans who would have next to no choice about what to eat for lunch. 

Then my mind took me to the billion or more folks in our world who would have no lunch whatsoever.   

I began to realise how lucky I am to have so many choices; and how blessed I am to face each day knowing that three square meals are at hand.

In just a few days I will sit down with friends for what I know will be a sumptuous Thanksgiving Dinner.

This for me will herald a “Dinner Party Movement” filled with gratitude and humility, rather than a “Tea Party Movement” filled with anxiety and anger.

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