Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Grumpiness and humour

I've been feeling very grumpy today.  I cannot identify any particular reason, but I know that there is a general spirit of grumpiness in the air.  My colleague Elizabeth Kaeton addresses this in her blog today ( Telling Secrets ), and one of the staff at St. Boniface also told me that she too felt grumpy.

I will get back to grumpiness in my blog tomorrow.

In the meantime my spirits were lifted, albeit temporarily.

 In my final and chilly walk with Penne this afternoon I encountered Colleen. 
She and I see each other most mornings on our walks.  Colleen is a dedicated walker so she and I do not linger to chat -  we simply exchange warm greetings; comment on the weather; and celebrate or commiserate about the most recent news of the Boston Red Sox or the New England Patriots.

This afternoon she was a-walking with her husband Bill.  I'd never met him before.  So we stopped for a while for brief introductions; to complain about the weather; and to allow Penne to be the centre of attention as she met Colleen once more, and as she discovered that Bill is a good guy  (i,e,  he likes dogs!).

Colleen and Bill live in Glen Oaks Garden Condominiums (treble story buildings).  I live in Glen Oaks Ridge Condominiums (single story homes). 

We were each walking in the fancy and more upscale  "Glen Oaks Manor".

After Penne and I had completed two peregrinations of the Glen Oaks Manor pond, we returned to Glen Oaks Ridge, only to see Colleen and Bill again.   

They were walking right by my Condo, maybe 15 yards ahead. I cried out:  "I live here at Villa 67".

They ignored me.  I found this to be odd since we'd had such a good chat some 15 minutes before.

I repeated: "I live here at Villa 67" .

They turned around, with looks of bewilderment and nervousness.  

It was not Bill and Colleen.    'Twas another couple  (whom I've never met before).   They were wondering just why I'd called out  "I live here at Villa 67".

I understood their bewilderment.Then I began to blush and to giggle.  I saw the funny side of things.

Truly it must have sounded very odd to this couple when a complete stranger started to announce that he lived in the Villa they happened to be passing.

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