Monday, 13 December 2010

Ovaltine anyone?

It’s been chilly by Florida standards today.  Although my outside thermometer registered 48f,  it felt much colder because of the winds which have swept down from the arctic. These winds have reached 32 mph.

The temperature will probably fall to below freezing tonight -  this is abnormal for this part of Florida at this time of the year.

There’s no doubt about it.  My bodily metabolism has changed after 4 ½ years in the “Sunshine State”.  

It is all very mysterious.  

I would have welcomed a 48f temperature in Massachusetts at this time of the year.  Now it feels downright cold.

So I’ve had to “bundle up” for my walks with Penne.   She seems to be oblivious to temperature, so we have done our usual 5 miles.  Her head was held high, and her tail was a-wagging, even as I shivered.

In the midst of my shivers I decided that a hot drink was in order.  Neither coffee nor tea appealed to me. 

Instead I thought about a steaming mug of Ovaltine -  something which I have not tasted in more than 50 years.

My local “Sweet Bay” supermarket carries the stuff, so I was able to buy some this afternoon, and then enjoy it.  

Mmmmm ---  It was “pretty good”, and  it, as they say, “hit the spot”.
But I had not realised the provenance of Ovaltine, or known of its history. 


Who could believe that such a simple drink has such a complicated history!

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