Tuesday, 15 February 2011

In our wakes

A solitary Merganser duck made her slow progress up a very still pond. 

I watched her early yesterday morning as day was breaking.  It was a gentle and beautiful sight.

Behind her was she left an every widening, and ever lengthening “v” shaped wake.  She could not see it, for she was focused on her destination.

Human beings leave “wakes” as they make their progress through life.

Some leave wakes which are like tidal waves.  They paddle through life leaving behind wakes of dissension, destruction, dismay and death. They create chaos and sadness wherever they have been. 

Others leave wakes which resemble my Merganser’s every widening and every lengthening “v”.

This is a wake of embrace and a wake of inclusion.

As these folks paddle on through life, they leave other people to exclaim:  “I am glad that she/he “paddled my way”, for he/she made my life seem worthwhile“.

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