Thursday, 17 February 2011

Sundry and un-important musings

Why do I not see dust or dirt until 5 minutes before guests are due to arrive?

When a glass object is broken( e.g. a tumbler, a light bulb, or a vase [I knocked a glass vase to the ground two days ago]) why is it that some tiny bits of glass hide away?  Sweep up as I might, I still discover tiny fragments of class weeks later.

The story of the Virgin Birth, (more correctly “the Virginal Conception“)  of Jesus is a bit of theology.  It is not about biology.

Closets are great places for clothing, dishes and foodstuffs.   They are dreadful and dangerous places for humans.

Why is the British Premier, David Cameron, so inept?

Will President Obama ever learn that his republican opponents are not “reasonable people” with whom he can forge compromises?

Why are my democratic friends in the House of Representatives and in the Senate so wimpy?

Will my junior cat, Adelaide, ever learn that I am not a teet: i.e. a never ending source of food?

Speaking of which -  why do males have nipples?

It’s been a great day in SRQ with lovely balmy weather.

I often think too highly of myself.

Penne and I went for a pre-twilight walk.   The full moon was low in the eastern sky.  After dark it will shed so much light.  Even though we know so much about the moon, it is still capable of filling us with wonder.

I sautéed far too many vegetables (brussels sprouts, parsnip, sweet onion, mushrooms and green pepper) for my dinner this evening.  Not to worry, I will eat the leftovers for breakfast tomorrow.

That’s that!

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