Wednesday, 16 February 2011

"Keeping up appearances in SRQ"

There was more than a wee bit of Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced “Bouquet) in my mother.   Mum  “kept up appearances” in a way which both exasperated and delighted her children.

So it was that she decided that her son the *Vicar should own some “bone china” cups and saucers. 

She knew that as a Vicar he would spend endless hours drinking polite cups of tea with suitable parishioners.  So she supplied him with the cups and saucers that would be suitable for his status!).

(I am that son. In England, “*Vicar” is a generic term for ordained men and women).

I rarely drink tea, and I have next to no interest in polite afternoon tea parties.

And yet…… those cups and saucers came into their own this afternoon. 

I served tea and biscuits to Muriel and Margaret.

Muriel is a fabulous parishioner at St. Boniface Church.

Margaret is a neighbour.  I’ve gotten acquainted with her as I have walked my dog Penne, and she has walked her dog Sophie.

Both Muriel and Margaret hail from the northern English borough of Oldham, in the county of Lancashire.  

I decided that the two Lancastrian women should meet.  So that’s why I held my tea party. I served proper tea in proper cups, with McVitie’s “Milk Chocolate Digestive Biscuits” on the side.

My two guests shared their memories of their natal Borough.  I drank my tea with my pinky extended.  (Not really, but I wanted you to imagine the scene!)

Mum would have been proud.

Muriel (l)  Margaret (r)

The Tea Cups

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