Sunday, 18 December 2011

No drama in Australia

I found most of the Australians that I met to be cheerful folks, with a ready smile. That was nice.

But despite all the Anglo/American stereotypes about greetings, only once did I get a "G'day".

 And just once I overheard someone say "Good on you".

I encountered a nice bit of the Australian language in Melbourne.  I was in the University area and couldn’t figure out the location of the main entrance to Trinity College where I was to meet Andrew 

I was on a very narrow little street with the lovely name of “Tin Alley”,  where I paused to ask directions of three students.  The directions were readily given. After my profuse thanks one of the students said "no drama".

I like “no drama” as an alternative to “no sweat”, or “no problem”.

As well as the “Dog Wash” sign, there were others that amused me.  

Here they are (and at the end a sign which made me sad).

At a Railway Station

In a Sydney Market  - (a store for gays?)
A Fish and Chip Shop

Global warming?  or watch out for careless drivers?

Another Fish and Chip cafe.

This is the sign which made me sad.  I was in a Hotel on Victoria St, and it is the view from my Hotel Room, which overlooked Darlinghurst St.  On that street, within a quarter of a mile I counted at least 10 strip clubs and/or massage parlours.  I was especially sad for the exploited women who who work in these places, some of whom I saw "on the street" - looking more or less wasted.  I was sad for the woman, and mad at the men who pimp or use them.  And of course, this is not a uniquely  Australian phenomenon - it's a world-wide abomination.

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