Wednesday, 21 December 2011


Of course one visits Australia to see the animals.  I never did see a Ducked-Billed Platypus, and I was far from the Crocodile regions.

But I immensely enjoyed a visit to the 35 hectare Cleland Wildlife Reserve, near Adelaide. I “happened” upon it when I was driving in the Adelaide Hills. Most of the animals roam free here, and the scent from Eucalyptus trees is ever in the air.

The first twelve pictures here are from Cleland.

I can't remember what these are!

Adelaide from Cleland

Less enjoyable was the Featherdale Wildlife Park near Sydney.  It is on a mere five acres and is commercially owned.  I was there as part of a day tour I took to the lovely Blue Mountains.  I did not care for this park, it was more like a zoo.  But I did get to see some Ibises, which are much larger than their American cousins, and have black, not red beaks.  I also saw the unusual Albino Kangaroo, and some Wombats which were (unusually) out from their burrows during day time.  What “did it in” for me was the sight of a sad Tasmanian Devil who did nothing more than run round and round his small pen.  At that point I left the place.  

I do not like to see wild animals in cages.


Tasmanian Devil

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