Thursday, 9 February 2012

Chef Povey?

I took myself down to the Sarasota County Technical Institute this afternoon for a programme at their Adult and Community Enrichment (ACE) programme.

I was there for a “Hands on Culinary Arts Lab” -  i.e. a cooking lesson. 

The facilitator was Chef Brian Knecht.  

There were about sixteen of us in his “class”.

We students worked in pairs (my partner was Joyce – a very pleasant “snow bird” from Montreal, Quebec).

Chef Brian led us as we prepared two dishes –

Firstly:  an entree (main course) dish called “Chicken Chorizo Basquaise” (from the Basque regions of France and Spain).

Secondly: “Toasted Israeli Couscous” (with Pine Nuts, Raisins and Parsley).

We were in a very hi-tech kitchen.  Brian was a good instructor.  Joyce was an extremely companionable partner.

And we got to take our dishes home!

We’ll all be together again next week for a second lesson in which we will prepare a vegetarian dish, and Baba Ghanoush.

I enjoyed the “buzz” of the class.

 I learned some good skills from Chef Brian. 

I liked my cooking partner.

The modest fee for the two classes (including all the ingredients) was $59.

The ACE programmes are a great example of our tax dollars at work (with a little help from our fees).

I had fun.

I cooked some "pretty good" food.

 I experienced the fruits of local government at their best.

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  1. Having enjoyed some of Chef Povey's creations, I can attest that your cooking is quite delicious! (And healthy, as well.) :)

    Susan H.