Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Dinner at the Bistro Charron.

My pals Ben, Bob and I went down to the Bistro Charron for dinner last evening. Bistro Charron is a friendly little eating place in the Gulf Gate area of Sarasota.  Our dinner was outstanding.

First there was prosciutto with melon.  That was followed by a modified caesar salad – lots of very crisp lettuce with crunchy croutons and a flavour-filled dressing.

The main course was angel-hair spaghetti – cooked al dente – with shrimp, scallops, broccoli - and just the right amount of garlic.

Dessert included fresh strawberries, served with sour cream and brown sugar - yummy!

It was a fabulous meal.

We were happy to meet the chef and to be able to compliment him on a first class dinner.  And we were impressed with the hostess who made us feel “at home” within seconds of our arrival.

I don’t eat out very often.  To my mind most restaurants are over-priced, and most of them serve indifferent food. I can do better at home.

The “wait-staff”, or servers (whatever we call them these days) are either harried or hovering.  (“tis not their fault – they are doing their best against the many adversities of restaurant life – viz: greedy or careless owners, and impatient and cheapskate customers).

In addition – I cannot abide the noises of impatient customers and ghastly muzak.

I can do better at home.  But once on a while I need to eat-out. For there is something about sharing a meal with others (as I did last evening with Ben and Bob) which transcends eating alone.

By the way.  There is no “Bistro Charron”.  Bob, Ben and I had a fabulous dinner last evening at the home of our friends Charlotte and Ron Thompson, who indeed live in Gulf Gate.

Charlotte is a caring and careful hostess. Ron's food was utterly delicious. 

With gratitude for the gifts of fabulous food and gracious hospitality. 

And with delight in Char and Ron's friendship.

There was no excess of noise, nor did we have to endure muzak.  

There was simply good food and good table fellowship.

Thanks Ron.  Thanks Charlotte.

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  1. yum you make me hungry just reading this menu. Cheers to the hosts. A couple of my favorite people too.