Friday, 24 February 2012

Home cooking


1 .So I made up a mess of chicken salad, using breast meat from a store bought rotisserie chicken, with diced red onion, green pepper and celery with mayo and a bit of salt and red pepper for seasoning.  Having done so, my body spoke to me.  It said “this chicken salad would be soooo good in a croissant”.   Indeed!

Off I went to “C’est la vie” the French owned and operated bakery/cafe on SRQ’s Main Street.  There I bought two croissants (at $1.70 each).  It was an expensive but well worth while treat. The croissants with their light and flaky pastry positively oozed with butter  -  they were so delicious as a "once in a while indulgence".

2 .  My pals Bill and Patrick went fishing in the Gulf of Mexico yesterday together with Bill’s daughter Katy.  They returned with a good amount of “Red Snapper” – some of which they gave me.   

Wow, wow, wow -  what a delight  - eating fish on the day it was caught!

I baked some today with a few mushrooms, with broccolis as a “side”.  ‘Twas delicious.

  I’ll use the rest in Brodetto (fish stew).

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