Thursday, 19 April 2012

Hurrah for President Obama

Do you remember that in the early days of the administration of President Barack the “Tea Party” and others attacked him as:

Either: A Marxist who would lead us into a socialistic totalitarian state

Or:  A fascist/n-zi who would take away our freedoms (recall those Tea Party banners with the President’s picture photo-shopped to make him look like A..H-tler).

I call this PHASE A of the opposition to the President.

In recent days there have been two more “far right” critiques of President Obama.

From Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama tells reporters the president should take responsibility for the Secret Service, GSA and energy company Solyndra scandals and insist on a government culture in which taxpayer dollars are not wasted. He said, "I don't  sense that this president has shown that kind of managerial leadership (April 19th)

And this from House Speaker John Boehner  (April 18th) who took on President Obama directly, criticizing the president for “shrinking from his responsibility to lead” on the economy and suggesting the president lacks “any courage to help tackle these problems.”

I call this PHASE B of the opposition to the President.

In the meantime arch-conservative columnist George Will wrote as follows: “Barack Obama’s intellectual sociopathy - his often breezy and sometimes loutish indifference to truth” - (George Will, April 8th)

I call this PHASE C of the opposition to the President.

Now remember your American history.

 Remember field slaves, house slaves and uppity n----rs.

In PHASE A (Tea Party et al) the President is the field slave -  never to be trusted, and always capable of engendering fear and dread to the Master.

In PHASE B ( Sessions and Boehner) the President is the house slave: - docile, servile, -  with no leadership skills. He is slave to be patronised.

In PHASE C (George Will) the President is no more than an “uppity n....r”.( i.e. “wtf  our President has advanced degrees -  he has trespassed onto white territory.”)

I do not accuse the Tea Party members, or Jeff Sessions, John Boehner and George Will of racism.

I accuse them of willful ignorance.

And I am grateful that Barack Obama is the President, even though he leads more to the centre/right than is my preference.  He has learned, and I understand that “politics is the art of the possible”.

In the face of a hostile House of Representatives, and an all too slim Democratic Party majority in the Senate, President Obama has “done good”

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