Saturday, 21 April 2012

Not much (2)

Kudos to Lyndsay: a clerk at my local Sweetbay supermarket.  I like her a lot.

On Thursday she was at her check-out.  I bought items which in total cost $13.23.  I tendered a $20 bill, and the register showed that my change would be $6.77
Then I remembered that I had a quarter in my pocket. “Oh”, I said, “I’ve just remembered that I have a spare quarter, but it’s probably too late for that”.

“No” said Lindsay, “I can do math”.   So I handed her the quarter and she gave me the amended change of $7.02.  She did all this in a blink of an eye.

And “they” have said that shop clerks no longer know how to make change.

Lyndsay proved “them” wrong.

Good for you Lyndsay.


My blog on March 31st was all about the funeral service for Mary Ellen Smith, the wife of the Episcopal Bishop here in South West Florida, Dabney Smith.

If you read that blog, you will have remembered that I was deeply moved by the integrity and faithfulness of that service.

It was a blog entry.  It was all words and no pictures.

Nonetheless a parishioner at St. Boniface Church in Siesta Key here in Sarasota ‘phoned me a couple of days ago to ask how he could access the video I had made at Mary Ellen’s funeral.

Video?-  I don’t own a video camera!

Just goes to show that in this information age there is a lot of mis-information.

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