Friday, 20 April 2012

Not much (1)

S0 I had an itchy, and sometimes bleeding “growth” on my left shoulder.

Off I went to my trusty dermatologist.

Her nurse practitioner sliced off the growth, and sent it off to be biopsied.

The biopsy revealed a Squamous cell skin cancer.

So I will be back at my Dermatologist’s surgery next Thursday at which time she will “dig deeper” in an attempt to rid my body of this scourge.

Squamous cell skin cancers are not inherently dangerous.  But they are not to be ignored.


My dog Penne gets very excited when I offer her a ride in my car. In point of fact she “sings” when a car ride is in prospect.

When we reach a new destination, Penne freaks out with excitement. She is all “nose sniffing and tail wagging” as we explore this new area. I allow her to reconnoitre this new area for a few minutes and then I say “let’s go back to Daddy’s car”.

The odd thing is that she cannot recognise my car by sight or by smell.  She is ready to jump up into any or all cars.

Does this mean that she knows the word “car”, but does not know the difference between “Daddy’s Car” and any other car?

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