Tuesday, 29 May 2012

My dog has made a friend

When I adopted my delightful terrier/retriever mix dog Penne three years ago, I discovered that she was “not very good” with other dogs.

Soon after I adopted her a wee dog named “Gizmo” (a mutt who is mostly Griffon Bishcon) sniffed at Penne’s hind quarters.  She reacted with aggression.

Penne has often “stiffened up” when we have encountered other dogs of all manner of breeds.

But Penne has often gotten very animated as we have walked in the neighbourhood when she has encountered Basil, a very handsome male Shar-pei,.

Penne has also gotten very excited when she has sniffed the places where Basil has peed, and has added her own “calling card”. (Sorry to be so graphic).

I came to the conclusion that either Penne was afraid of Basil, or that she liked him.

After a couple of chats with Basil’s owner, he and I agreed that we should allow the dogs to meet.

It happened this afternoon.  Penne stood still when she saw Basil.  But her tail was a-wagging.

Basil ambled over and began to lick Penne’s face.  Penne’s tail wagged more and more -  like a helicopter rotor.  She began to play with Basil.

Whoop-dee-doo  -----  my dog has found a friend.

This photo’ of a Shar-pei is from the web – it is not a photo’ of Basil.

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