Sunday, 27 May 2012

Wow - thanks for great birthday celebrations.

I love my birthday, and try to celebrate it with gusto.  It’s the one day in each year which I can claim as a “me-day”.

I was born on 26th May 1944. I am a “Gemini”, and indeed I have a twin sister.

26th May is also the “Saints’ Day” for Augustine of Canterbury, the first ever Archbishop of Canterbury.

One time, maybe 20 years ago,  I happened to be in Canterbury, U.K. on 26th May.  It was cool to be able to attend an early morning Eucharist that day at Canterbury Cathedral.  It was celebrated in a Chapel in the under croft of the Cathedral.

What fun it was to be in that venerable Cathedral on my birthday, and for an Eucharist which commemorated St. Augustine.

I have celebrated my birthday so very well this year.

Thursday 24th saw me at a local restaurant with some of my gay buddies. A feisty and well loved waitress (Kay) bought out a nice slice of cheese-cake avec candle after dinner for my pleasure.

Friday 25th I had a few friends chez moi for drinks and nibbles.

Saturday 26th my friends Ben and Bob hosted a wee celebration for me.

Monday 28th (Memorial Day in these United States) will see me at the home of my SRQ friends Jack and Donna for a bit of lunch to close my birthday celebrations (for this year!).

For once I am glad for Facebook’s timeline. It made me so very grateful to read so very many birthday greetings from Facebook friends. Thank you.

If “God spares me” I’ll reach soixante-neuf in 2013.    I can’t wait!

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