Saturday, 23 June 2012

Fine Dining in SRQ

My friends Bill Byers and Patrick Cosgrove made a successful bid for an evening of fine dining with a host chef.  Their winning bid was destined to support a charity for needy children.

The chef created the menu and provided and prepared the food free of charge as his way of supporting the charity (and getting some good publicity).

Bill and Patrick decided that the dinner would be in honour of the 88th birthday of our mutual friend Ben Morse.  I was fortunate enough to be invited.

Here are some pics from the fabulous dinner -  which we enjoyed last evening 22nd June 2012.   "We" were nine gay men, plus Kay who is the favourite waitress of the men who eat each Thursday evening at the Hillview Grill.

Kay, Gordon, John.

Front Row: Greg, Ben, Bill, Bob. Back row: Patrick, John, Kay, Gordon, Chris.

Same cast of characters, avec moi

Chef Blake


Salmon cake with Lobster

Beef tenderloin etc


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