Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Sunset cruise in Sarasota Bay (Part one)

The Revd. Andrea (Andi) Taylor is the Associate Rector at St. Boniface Church, Siseta Key FL.

Yesterday was her 45th birthday.

Andi’s husband Jonathan is in New Mexico with their younger son Jacob (on a Boy Scout hiking trip), whilst their older son Noah is studying Arabic in north Georgia.

So Andi created an instant family.  Last evening nine of us joined her on a “sunset cruise” on Sarasota Bay.  A grand time was had by all!

Here are some of the photo’s.

Andi in her glory. Bonnie Doell in background

Ralph McGimpsey Retired Priest Associate

Our lovely Ringling Bridge

"Mansion" on Bird Key

Kay McGimpsey leader of Boniface Eco-Stewardship Group, and volunteer at Resurrection House
Andi again, Henry Rhodes in background

Going down..
Almost gone

Final glory

More pics tomorrow.

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