Monday, 18 June 2012

Religion and Politics

My colleague, the Revd. Roger Alling preached at Mt. Calvary Episcopal Church, Camp Hill PA on June 10th.

His sermon was about the call of Saul to be the first King of Ancient Israel

(On June 17th I preached at All Angels Church, Longboat Key, FL  about the call of David to be the second King of Ancient Israel. Our sermons had interesting parallels.)

Roger made this good and worthy observation.  He said:

“I know that it is inappropriate to talk about religion and politics in the pulpit.  However I also know that it is essential that we talk about religion and human governance

How do modern states relate or fail to relate to the truths and values we hold dear as a result of our religion and our faith “

I am grateful for Roger’s distinction between preaching “politics”, and preaching about human governance.

It is a valuable and important distinction.

(Do be in touch with me if you would like to read Roger’s sermon in its entirety)

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