Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Isaac - what are you heading?

Tropical Storm Isaac is heading our way, or maybe it is not heading our way.

Tropical Storm Isaac may develop into hurricane, or perhaps it won’t..

A hurricane?

Heading our way?

Who knows?

We'll  have to wait and see.

We’ll have to wait and see, but we can also be prepared.

I began the  preparations today.

1,  The Coleman campers stove is working and I have a back up propane gas canister.

2, I have candles and matches.

3,  I’ve checked the batteries in a big flashlight, they are good,

4. And in an emergency lantern – it  works

5.  Finally  in the little flashlight which I can strap to my head  -  (.it’s modeled on a miner’s lamp) –  it  will be a useful tool should  ( for example) I need to use both hands to open a can of tuna or sardines for  food in an emergency.

6. I bought four gallons of spring water this morning –to make coffee and to cook veggies if the storm hits here next week.

If the storm moves nearer I will fill a bathtub with water (not to drink, but to use to flush the toilet).

So, what I have forgotten?  (I cannot afford an emergency generator!)

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