Saturday, 25 August 2012

The ecstasy and the agony.

The ecstasy and the agony

Ecstasy (1)

Senior cat Ada loves to be brushed.  She comes running towards me when she sees that I have the brush in my hand, and mews and wreathes with glee as I brush her.

Ecstasy (2)

Just as soon as I start brushing Ada, my dog Penne lurks nearby.  She also loves to be brushed, so she stands nearby saying “me too, me too”

Agony (1)

Junior cat Adelaide runs and hides when she sees me with the brush. She will not allow me to brush her.

Agony (2)

After all this brushing I need to vacuum clean.  Penne hates this. She sneaks off to get as far away from the noise of the vacuum cleaner as possible.

Agony (3)

Adelaide also fears the vacuum cleaner and hides under a chair when I use it.


As I vacuum clean Ada sits on her perch and surveys the scene with benign indifference.

I suppose that she is the best adjusted of my three animals.

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