Can't help fallin' in love

Our family vacation is winding down.  Martyn, Sam and Toby will return to the U.K. on Monday 17th September

My home will doubtless feel very empty.

But Wendy (Martyn’s wife/Sam’s mother) and Laura (Wendy and Martyn’s daughter/Sam’s sister) will be more than glad to welcome them home.

Even as I write Martyn Sam and Toby are attending an American Football game (Sarasota High School v North Port High School) with my friends Andi and Jonathan Taylor.  Andi and Jonathan’s older son is a Sarasota High School player.

Whilst my family members enjoy the all American experience of a High School Football game, I am relaxing at home with my lovely dog and the two cats.

Earlier today “the boys” wandered over to the home of my friend Ben.  Once there they relaxed in his swimming pool. I am so grateful that Ben has offered such gracious hospitality.

We had hoved off to “Barnacle Bill’s” restaurant for dinner on the second night of this family visit, (5th September 2012).

 Toby and Sam had an instant crush on our waitress Brie (Brianna).

The only fair thing to do was to re-visit “Barnacle Bill’s”, which we did last evening.

Our waitress was Susan, not Brie.

But Brie was in the house.

She eagerly accepted our request for a photo’.

Here she is with Toby and Sam.


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