Sunday, 16 September 2012

Reunion Party

We hosted a party last evening at which Martyn and Sam met some of their friends from last year, and Toby made new friends.  There were sixteen of us and we had a grand evening.  Whilst the adults ate and drank, Sam, Toby and Noah and Jacob Taylor hoved off to our local field  and enjoy throwing and catching a football.  Some of our guests were camera shy, so the following is an incomplete roster.

My friend Barbara Dunne (ex-Piitsfield)

The Revd. Andi Taylor (St. Boniface) and Charlotte Thompson. Andi and Charlotte knew each other in the Boston area. Kay Dohoney (ex-Pittsfield) in the background.

Barbara Dunne and Jonathan Taylor 1

Barbara and Jonathan 2

Noah Taylor, Toby, Sam and Jacob Taylor walking home (regret picture is a wee bit out of focus)


Today, Sunday is our last evening together.  The guys fly back to the U.K. on Monday - arriving there in Tuesday.  It's been a simply wonderful visit.  I'll  do a "wrap up" tomorrow, but for now "thanks be to God".

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