Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The party is over

Martyn, Sam and Toby are safely back in England.  They are very tired, but extremely happy to be with their family members

It was a fabulous two weeks for each of us.  We were busy

*A cruise to the Bahamas

*jet skiing

 *fun at a water park



*circus museum visit

*a helicopter flight for Sam, Toby and me

*a trip to Massachusetts and back for Martyn

*and a nice flight in a Cesna Skylaner out of St. Petersburg/Clearwater airport for Martyn, Sam and Toby. (Up the Gulf Coast as far as Tarpon Springs, then going south to fly over our lovely Sunshine Skyway Bridge).

My warmest thanks to:

1. My neighbour Ed Green who allowed us to use his condo. as sleeping quarters for the boys

2. My friend Ben Morse who welcomed the lads by allowing them to use his swimming pool at any and all times

3. My friends Jack and Donna Chrisman who enabled a relaxing evening and fine food at their home (as well as pool time for Sam and Toby).

Here are some photo's

Four  of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge (taken by Sam)


Nine of the Gulf   (St. Pete Beach to Tarpon Springs) (also taken by Sam)

Would someone please identify this Hotel


Four from our valedictory dinner at the Longhorn Steak House

Good Pals

My fine nephew Sam

Dinner over (Martyn is "bushed")


And a final farewell at SRQ

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