Thursday, 3 January 2013

Necessary plans

I have never done this before, and it may seem silly BUT

I have registered with the U.S. State Department’s “Safe Travel” programme for my upcoming trip to Vietnam,    Jan 26th –Feb 10th.

Therefore: In any emergency the State Department will contact my youngest brother Martyn in the U.K. (and I will provide Martyn with a list of my USA contacts).

It seems prudent to do this.

For when I travelled to Ecuador I was linked with my friends Chris and Trish Morck who (then) lived in Quito.

And when I visited Australia I had contact with my former Cambridge colleague Dr. Andrew McGowan who lives and works in Melbourne.

But I do not know a soul in Vietnam.

So: if I break a limb, or get sick, or shuck off this mortal coil when I am in Vietnam   - there will be a way to notify Martyn – and a way for him to contact my American friends.

Thank goodness for the U.S. State Dept, (and get well soon Secretary of State Hillary Clinton).

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