Thunder by the Bay

"Thunder by the Bay" is an annual event in SRQ when 300-400 bikers have a rally on our bay side and on our Main Street.  See

It's not my kind of thing,

Indeed the event made me a wee bit angry when, in 2012,  I drove up after Church  to a neat bay-side restaurant (Marina Jack's),  there to have lunch with my pals Ben and Bob before we went on to Sarasota's  Van Wezel Performance Center for an afternoon Concert.

Neither Ben, Bob nor I had remembered about "Thunder by the Bay":  and that (1) parking would be at a premium, and (2) The 3/4 mile journey from Marina Jack's to the Van Wezel would take about half an hour.

 We "made it" just in time, and the concert  was great.

I avoided downtown SRQ today in order to ignore the "Thunder by the Bay" mayhem.

But my "occasional pal"  Tony D'Amato  was there this year. He is wise enough to own a Triumph rather than a Harley.

Here are some of Tony's photo's

Tony on his Triumph

Main St SRQ (1)

Big Bike

Modern Bike

"Hot Dogs"

Main Street (2)

Main Street (3)


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