Today - good stuff!

1. When I was walking with Penne early this morning ( Jan 4th 2013) she became very agitated, and was straining at her leash.  Then she frenetically followed a “smell trail” from which I had to drag her.

Within a few moments the reason for her behaviour became clear when a gorgeous red fox went trotting by.

2. On that walk a gentle wind was blowing through some leafy trees.  That created a beautiful rustling sound which I was glad to enjoy. Music in nature!

3. I called my Doctor’s office this afternoon ( Friday 4th Jan) to schedule a simple check up, in preparation for my trip to Vietnam.

I was offered an appointment on Monday 7th Jan at 11:15 a.m. Wonders never cease!

She is a wonderful primary care physician (G.P.) -  She is Dr. Kristen Paulus

Dr. Paulus and her son as pictured in the Sarasota Herald Tribune


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