Monday, 6 May 2013

Bits and pieces from Sarasota

1.   Am I the only person who still writes ‘phone and photo’?  Surely not.

2.   Summer has not rushed into SRQ this year.  We are enjoying balmy days with gentle breezes and temps reaching 75f (23c).  Nights have gotten down to about 62f (16c.).  'Tis terrific.

3.   A lonely (and a bit skinny) red fox is still roaming our neighbourhood. She/he is a beautiful beast.  But I do not allow junior cat Adelaide to go out at night, “just in case”.

4.   As well as the fox, a neighbour reports that she has seen a coyote in the neighbourhood. This is another good reason to keep Adelaide housebound.  

Coyotes have become urbanised.  About 10 years ago a Cambridge MA parishioner, (the wonderful Sarah F.) had her treasured little dog killed by coyotes in her semi-suburban neighbourhood in Lexington, MA.

5.   The irascible “Judge Judy”, ( she is a T.V. show personality in the USA, and is  truly a Judge), has no truck with poor grammar. 

When a hapless defendant said “I was tooken to jail” Judge Judy glared (as only she can glare) and said:  “that would be “taken”

Judge Judy would not proceed until the defendant said “I was taken”. 


Participants in her TV show will also get the Judge Judy stare/glare should they utter such words as “me and her” or “him and me” at the beginning of a sentence: 

 viz “me and her went to the Mall”, 

or “him and me were driving to...”. 

She will insist that participants say “she and I went to the Mall”, or “he and I were driving to..”

I love it!

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