My house guest got a job ----- Ethical thinking is difficult.

So ---- today my Peruvian  friend German got a new job with the most famous of American Pay-Day Loan Companies.

The Company will train him (with pay) next week in TPA, and pay for his hotel room as he is trained. 

Then he will be assigned to a local office within 25 miles of SRQ with pay at $14 per hours (not bad these days). After 90 days he will be eligible for health insurance benefits.

As much as I dislike the Pay-Day Loan Companies, I am glad that German has landed on his feet.

Ethical consistency is not easy.

Therefore it is  impossible to reconcile my dislike of  Pay-Day Loan Companies with my joy that German has landed a job.

I have to live in the balance between my dislike of some enterprises and my concern and care for German. 


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