Tuesday, 7 May 2013

A house guest and the search for work.

German Antonio Rodriguez will be my house guest for the next few days.

Herman (that’s more or less how you pronounce his first name) hails from Peru.

I first met him about six years ago when he was the dogsbody at a local convenience store/gas station here in SRQ. Never was a man more dedicated to a very lowly job.

We became good pals and I have followed his progress, first as he moved to Maryland (where my Brasilian friend Ronaldo Amado and I  visited him);  and then as he became a United States citizen, and washed up in Los Angeles.

It’s been very hard for German (who has a College degree) to find work.  First he had a well paying but exhausting job with a Logistics company in CA, a company that did not treat him well. Then he was with an insurance company for a while making “cold calls”.  His supervisors gave him enough leads for two days worth of work each week at one of those minimum salary plus commission jobs. German was not making enough to pay his rent.

He’s moving back east after a short stay with friends in Phoenix, where work is scarce.

Now he is to interview for a job in SRQ.  He decided to take a risk and come here since a local manager telephoned him four times in order to persuade him to come to SRQ for an interview.  German’s bilingual skills are valuable.

Sadly the possible job is with one of the leading American”pay day loans” companies -  but “needs must”.

The immigrant route is tough, for legal immigrants and for undocumented ones.


Jobs are scarce...... in the U.S.A., in the United Kingdom, in the Eurozone, in the Middle East, in most African countries, in India, and in south east Asian countries such as Vietnam.  

There are many young men and women in many countries who will never find decent and well paying jobs, how ever hard they try, 'cause the jobs ain't there.  Our world has too many people and too few jobs.

I wonder when we shall understand that the world is over-populated.  

I wonder when we shall come to terms with the fact that so-called free market capitalism hasn't done well for the masses.

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