Thursday, 9 May 2013

A rubber rabbit, a real rabbit, and a tortoise.

We, that is the Povey family of 47 Devon Rd, Whitehall, Bristol, BS59AY, had a rabbit made of foam rubber, with a malleable wire skeleton by which he could be twisted into all manner of shapes and poses. It had been a Christmas gift.

Of course its name was “Harvey”.  Only an older generation will understand why my Dad chose this moniker.  Harvey brought us great pleasure.

We also had a living rabbit whose name was “Snowy” or “Fluffy”.  The poor little beast lived in a “hutch” in our back garden. Not one of we Poveys was singularly dedicated to Snowy’s welfare.

 I remember cleaning out the hutch, removing the turds and wet straw, inserting fresh straw (or was it sawdust) as this real live pet rabbit shivered in the winter cold - doing so with great self righteousness!

We also had a Tortoise. One Sunday after Church my pals Jeff, Eric,  and Richard were visiting.  We were in the “middle room” of 47 Devon Rd.  I was wearing a new suit.

I opened the French Doors which led to the back garden and brought the tortoise inside so that it could be admired by my friends. 

The tortoise promptly crapped over my new suit – much to the amusement of Jeff, Eric and Richard, and to my embarrassment. 

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