Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Syria: America's moral high ground?

President Obama (with Senator John "the Maverick" McCain breathing down his neck) is seeking Congressional approval for some ill defined American intervention in Syria.  The President will probably get what he wants.

However the President and his lackeys at the State Department (Kerry) and Defence Department (Hagel) have yet to convince me of the reasons and aims  for such an intervention.

The best they can offer is to punish the Syrian regime for its use of chemical weapons.

But they have not uttered a word as to their plans should Syrian President Assad shrug off this punishment, or if the Russians increase their support for Assad.

Nor have they explicated about which of the "rebel" factions they will support post-military actions.


I am chiefly bothered at the hypocrisy of the Obama administration in claiming to have a moral high ground viz-a-viz Syria and the use of chemical weapons  ( by Assad or by Al Qaeda?) 

For my country used Napalm and Agent Orange in Vietnam.

My country used phosphorus tipped  bullets in Iraq in the battle for Fallujah.

My country has used drones in Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Yemen,  as a result of which many innocent civilians and children have been destroyed.

My country is the only one in the community of Nations which has used genuine WMD's - against Japan in WWII


I must make it clear:

1. I am a loyal and honourable citizen of the United States of America, the land in which I chose to become a citizen back in 1984.

2. I have no brief for the Syrian President and regime. It is cruel and oppressive.

3. I believe that Barack Obama is a good and worthy man -  a good President - who is misled on the Syrian question.

4. But I hate the thought of American exceptionalism and I reject the notion that America stands on some higher  moral ground. 

5. We have sometimes been as good as our friends and allies.

6. We have sometimes been as bad as our enemies.

7. I think that President Obama has gotten in wrong re a possible intervention in Syria. 

More tomorrow. 

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