Sunday, 1 September 2013


I tripped over my feet last evening and landed on the floor, directly onto my coccyx,  (that is not a typo).

I'm pretty certain that nothing is broken cos I can walk without pain.  But the process of sitting down, or rising from a seated position feels a bit awkward, and bending down is rather difficult.

I have diagnosed myself as having a bruised tailbone area.

"The name coccyx is derived from the Greek word for cuckoo due to its beak like appearance" (Wikipedia)


This hanger was planted outside my back door sometime during last night.  I find it to be a little odd and a wee bit disconcerting.


Penne gets a dog biscuit after she has eaten her meals  -  it's a "treat", a "sort of" dessert.

I forgot to give her a biscuit this evening.  She stood by my desk, tail all a-wagging.

When I said "I know what you want" - she ran immediately to the place where the biscuits are stored.  Dogs are smart.

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