Saturday, 7 September 2013

What's in a name?

My dog's given name is "Penny"  -  probably because her coat is the colour of a copper Penny.

For a reason that is rooted in my weird sense of humour I changed the spelling to "Penne" (but I  pronounce it as "penny").

That 's just the beginning. For Penne soon becomes "Penne-poo", which in turn becomes "Poopster" , or "Poops",  or even "Poo-poo".

I sometimes call her "Miss Tail Wagger" -  for I believe that her tail contains the secret of perpetual motion.

Sometimes she is "Miss Nosey".   As we walk in the neighbourhood should a car door open or close; should we overhear a conversation across the pond; should some person close his/her front door; should some person be walking twenty, thirty or forty yards behind us -  should any of this things happen, then Penne has to stop and look.  She likes to know what is going on.

Once in a while she is "Miss Fish Face" -  don't ask me why.

Then, when I call her "Nutcase" or "Fat Face" she knows this is a signal for play, and rushes off to find one or other of her stuffed toys  (both called "Baby").  We each have fun as I toss "Baby" around my home and which Penne rushes off to retrieve and bring back to me.

Occasionally I call her "Miss Flubberdump" (but I don't know why).

But of course, what Penne is responding to is my tone of voice.  She doesn't know or care when her name is, but she knows that her "Papa" thinks that she is great.

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  1. I wouldn't be so sure that Penne only responds to the tone of your voice, what about the border collie that can identify 1022 toys by name!